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Snark worthy of Colbert - take and share

Okay, I don't post much that's political, but I know from experience just how bad our current for-profit insurance-based healthcare system can be. So, yes, even it isn't my first choice for reform, I'm glad Obamacare was upheld and can't believe how many people upset about it have absolutely no clue what it actually does

This lovely bit of snark responds by ridiculing the sort of thing I've been seeing in my local paper's comments section better than I ever could:

Obamacare Must Go! An e-mail to conservative voters

btw, if you want to check your own basic knowledge: healthreform.kff.org/quizzes/health-reform-quiz/results-page.aspx


I could not let this piece go by without sharing it:


"MIT researchers have engineered a device that delivers a tiny, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without the use of a hypodermic needle..."

Check out the images. It's not quite Dr. McCoy's hypo, but it's not too far off.
Ran across this following links from the last post:

Male Superheroes See How the Othr Side Lives

In which some very talented artists respond to requests to dress male superheroes in the costumes of female superheroes.

My favorite: Captain America in Caitlin Fairchilds costume:

Avengers and Female Superhero Poses

There have been a lot of good discussions pointing out how female heroes are depicted in either unnatural or show-me-your-butt poses. I haven't seen the new Avengers movie yet (will on Sunday!), but Black Widow has gotten great reviews. Unfortunately, she's shown in the show-ass pose in the promotional poster.

Fortunately, Kevin Bolk has done something to correct that:

I love it.

...although in fairness, I have to point out that two fo the guy avengers in the original poster are shown in the standard male superhero show-me-your-crotch pose. ;)

How could I not love this?

What I want for Mother's Day, preferably signed and framed:


Somewhere Rosa Parks is smiling...

Progress is sweet: tweeted image of President Obama seated in the bus where Rosa Parks initiated her quest for civil rights.