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BookDragon's Lair

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read

10 December
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I'm a mother of two grade school age children and at the moment one greyhound. My dd is a newly minted Star Trek fan, while I'm a Trekkie old enough to remember watching TOS reruns in the 70s and first runs of the animated ST as a kid. I haven't written fan fiction in years, but the new movie inspired me, so I've started again.

I'm also an engineer but fascinated by in history and mythology, so in the tradition of TOS, references to those show up in some of my fics. I read a lot of scifi/fantasy and I'm partial to humor and parody. My tastes there range from Terry Pratchett (completely awesome) to Fritz Lieber, who both defined and slyly poked fun at the whole sword & sorcery genre in his work.